Friday, January 12, 2018

What's Next On My List? Spider-man: Homecoming

I have to admit that I am sometimes tired of all of these comic movies... I love them because I have been growing up with these heroes, but I no longer feel the need to go to the cinema to see some of them. Spider-man is one as it has been rebooted so many times that with each movie I cared less and less... But I was looking for something to see on new year's eve (while sick at home), and well, the awesomeness of Thor: Ragnarok and the Infinity War trailer caught my attention enough that I thought I'd finally watch it.

While waiting for the Avengers to finally recruit him in the team, Peter discovers a group of arm dealers that sells weapons built with stolen alien technology. The head of the team is Adrian Toomes, and he presents a threat to Peter not just when he is wearing a mask. The biggest obstacle Peter faces is ultimately himself. His heart is in the right place but he believes that being Spider-man means more than being himself.

This is, finally, not an origin story. I think we had enough of those going around already... by this time if you don't know what happened to Peter then the problem is with you. That being said, it is super hard to draw comparison between this and the previous movies, so I am not even going to try. Was it a good movie? Definitely. The reason for that is that I am a bit tried of the good vs. evil. This is, I believe, one of the reasons by people love Loki so much (aside from being played by Tom Hiddleston), that it isn't as so easy to decide what is right and wrong anymore. Some are more selfish and some are willing to do everything, even bad things, for the people they love. The villain in this movie, Vulture/Adrien Toomes, has no goals of world domination, has no higher purpose or evil within to guide him and to let destruction ensue... he just wanted to put food on the table. Yes, he lives in a huge house, probably a smaller one would suffice, but he is not the villain you think he is. I have found it refreshing that even Peter for a minute questions his actions. Yes, bad guys are bad, but when you think about how many people Marvel villains have killed so far, Toomes is really just trying to live in a world that was a great deal changed by the presence of the Avengers.
Now, Spider-man himself was genuinely wonderful. I grew up with the comics, I won't lie to you, I have loved all three versions so far. Yes, not all movies were perfect, but than again, rarely any comic book movie is prior to the Marvel Universe. You have a character that is easy to bring to life because he is lovable. And for once the greatest lesson that he has even learned, the one with the power and the responsibility that follows, was not uttered but taught. And I find that to be the most awesome thing about this movie. I teared up, in one scene Peter gives up, yells for help, which never arrives and it really sinks in that he is a just a kid. He does not have the answers, he is not ready for a lot of things just yet. But he calms himself and gathers his strength, gathers the power that was bestowed upon him, and it made for a beautiful scene!

Watch it? Yes, sure, it is a marvelous movie. If I am 100% honest with you, I am not likely to rewatch it anytime soon. It is a strong plot, but it does not have as many elements as Thor movie did, just to give you a good comparison, or Captain America: Civil War. But it is still a fitting puzzle piece in the large cinematic universe and it will not disappoint.

Until the next item on my list!
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Peter Parker / Spider-Man - Tom Holland
Adrian Toomes / Vulture - Michael Keaton
Tony Stark / Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr.
May Parker - Marisa Tomei
Happy Hogan - Jon Favreau
Michelle - Zendaya

Thursday, January 4, 2018

What's Next On My List? Good Game

In the summer of 2017 a new show came out on YouTubeRed, starring the makers of the let's play channel Game Grumps, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan. You can watch the first episode free by clicking here! [No, nobody is paying me for this, I just adore these guys!]
Good Game [Season 1]

Two best friends decide to build a team of gamers to win a big price at the next e-sports championship. They both learn a great deal about each other through this adventure and they turn into a family hoping to win more prices. It is a funny tale of... adults seeking to become... well, functioning adults!

"You think your puberty is special? Newsflash: it fucking isn't."

I have been a Game Grumps fan since it begun over five years ago in 2012. The moment I heard that they were making a show with Dan Harmon, whose Community, HarmonQuest and Rick & Morty I love dearly, I knew I was in for a great adventure. First, if you watch their let's play channel you will get a bunch of background and extra informations about the shooting and the schedules and how they coped with acting. They both do not deem themselves good actors, I can tell you that they are great, but they have self-criticism which makes me love them even more! I was super excited and not let down when I watched it. The first season only has six episodes, each focusing on one of the characters. The creators of the show also include Michelle Morrow and Jesse Cox, who have been guests on the let's play channel during the release of the show [They played Joe & Mac, watch it here!].
Second, to see their show you need to have a YouTubeRed account and I know many are against the required payment, but I wanted to let those people know that this is the fastest way to help them. The payment here is a direct contribution to those who made the show, including and not limited to these two great guys. This means that if you want similar good quality shows you can have that by getting an account.
That said, I recommend this show because it has witty smart jokes, with  great pacing and a simple but appealing story. It makes fun of all those shows that focus on sports as if they were a matter of life and death, while introducing characters that are relatable. The world is changing, literally, and the show makes use of that. Plans change, workplaces alter, dreams can come true and some don't. Enemies and friends are interchangeable and it is easier to let go of the past sometimes. This and much more is covered in just six episodes!

I am planning a personal entry regarding the Game Grumps so hang on until then!

Watch it? If you enjoyed any of Dan Harmon's show you are bound to love this one too. I have re-watched it three times so far and have been showing it to as many people as I can. I wish I was a part of this world, honestly... I hope one day I get to meet the grumps at one of their live events.

Until the next item on my list!
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Alex Taylor - Dan Avidan
Ryland Smith - Arin Hanson
Ash Donovan - Michele Morrow
Sam Kinsey - Jade Payton
Kamal Pasala - Rahul Abburi
Lorenzo Santella Jr. - Michael Ornstein
Jesse - Jesse Cox
Steamin' Semen - Oliver Cooper

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Blogger: "A Mai Fiatalok Nem Olvasnak"

The first entry of 2018 is a personal one, concerning the problem of youngsters not reading enough, a statement that I strongly disagree with, so I decided to write about it in detail. Soon my movie reviews will come back, stick with me until then!
_ _ _ _

A mai öregek pedig nem valami kreatívak a sértéseiket illetően…

Ha lenne egy forintom valahányszor ezt a mondatot hallottam, akkor szerintem már meg tudtam volna venni a Szabó Ervin könyvtárat, könyvekkel és épülettel együtt. Az elmúlt félévben volt egy tanárom, aki majdnem minden órán vette a fáradtságot (vagy inkább örömet), hogy ezt közölje velünk.

És én meg vagyok sértve. Oké, manapság az emberek túl sok dolgon sértődnek meg, ez engem is idegesít. De van, amikor nem tud nem rosszul esni, hogy a tanár sérteget minket és ez a mondat külön bicskanyitogató számomra és ezért szerettem volna hosszabban írni, hogy kifejtsem a problémámat.

Első kérdésem az lenne, hogy ezt milyen formában mérjük? Elismerem, lehet, hogy egy Háború és Békét nem vesz már mindenki a kezébe, de azon kívül, hogyan mérjük? Amióta az internet átvette az uralmat és rengeteg ember kezében egy tablet/ebook olvasóval járja a világot pontosan mi szabja meg, hogy eleget olvas-e egy mai fiatal? 

Például van, aki nem számít képregényeket és science-fiction novellákat, amikor olvasásról beszél. És miért nem? Garantálni tudom, hogy egy Spider-man képregény pont annyira vízválasztó egy tini életében, mint egy Zabhegyező. Itt pedig behoznám példának még az X-Men sorozatot is, ami egy állandó társadalmi kritika, és felhívja a figyelmet arra, hogy félünk az ismeretlentől, és, hogy milyen könnyen még ma is lenézünk embereket szexualitásuk vagy a bőrük színe miatt. Ez a képregény nekem sokkal többet tanított (arról a harcról, amit a kisebbség folytat minden egyes nap az életükben), mint az Antigoné. Oh igen, merek beszólni a nagy klasszikusokra, elnézést! Hozzátenném, hogy Shakespeare iránti szerelmem sem a gimnáziumi tanulmányaimnak, hanem Kenneth Branagh-nak köszönhetem. De tényleg azt érzem, hogy ha valakinek állandóan ki akarjuk csapni a kezéből azt, amit szívesen magához is venne azzal pontosan azt is érjük el, amire annyi tanár panaszkodik: hogy a fiatalok keveset olvasnak.

Ha engem kérdeznének, mondhatom nyugodtan, hogy én nem a fiatalt okolom azért, mert nem olvas. Mint bölcsészek gyermeke, nálam kevés ember van, aki jobban utálta a könyveket gyerekkorában (és, apukám kitartóan azokat vette, mert lehet, hogy hozzá vágtam, de rosszul célzok szerencséjére). Ha az ember kényszerítve van dolgokra, akkor azt sosem szereti csinálni, ez nem újdonság és mégis szeretünk meglepődni rajta valamiért. Alapból a kötelező olvasmányok hátrányból indulnak. És itt pedig szeretném idézni egy tanárom, ugyanis nem tudom szavakba foglalni mennyire egyetértek vele: 

„Lehet, hogy a 16 évesnek nem Odüsszeuszt kéne olvasnia, mert nem ott tart az életében, hogy ez a megfelelő számára.” – Bengi László

Ragaszkodunk ahhoz a magyar oktatásban, hogy kronologikusan menjenek a dolgok, de mi bizonyítja, hogy ez sikeres? Mert van 20 diákból 5, aki nem utál olvasni? Szerintem ez egy borzasztó arány. Tanúsíthatom, hogy én nem azért mentem bölcsészszakra, mert nem tudok letenni egy könyvet… sőt, ha valami, akkor az egyetemi tanárjaimnak köszönhetem, hogy meg szerettem az olvasást. Ezen felül kiegészíteném ezt a gondolatot azzal, hogy a 18 éves sem biztos akarja hallani, hogy az, ahogyan ő értelmezte a József Attila verset az „rossz”. Mégis hogyan akarjam megszeretni az irodalmat, ha minden órán csak azt hallom, hogy hibásak a gondolataim, a hozzáállásom, és az olvasatom? Igen, lehet,hogy meg tudjuk pontosan mondani, hogy az író miért azt írta, amit és rendben van, hogy erről beszélünk, rendben van, hogy elemezzük és keressük a magyarázatot valami mögött, mert ilyenek az emberek: szeretünk válaszokat találni olyan kérdésekre, amiket mások még fel sem tettek. De ha merem feldobni egy tanteremben azt a kérdést, hogy „Szerintetek mit jelenthet a vers címe, a vers olvasata után?” És aztán nem azt a választ kapom, amit a tankönyvben látok akkor nem csapom le a beszélgetést, hanem meghallgatom a diákot és megkérem, hogy ossza meg neki mit jelent. Ha pedig félek, hogy nem azt a választ kapom, amit akarok hallani, akkor nem teszem fel a kérdést.

Második kérdésem pedig az, hogy miért bölcsész diákoknak mondjuk ezt? Eltöltöttem most már három félévet úgy, hogy +40 kreditem volt és nem tartom magam emiatt speciálisnak, sokan sokkal többet csinálnak, mint én, de annak érdekében, hogy bemutassam, hogy ez a fiatal mennyire nem olvas, szeretném leírni mit kellett teljesítenem csak ebben a félévben. Hétfőre esszék voltak, többnyire filozófiai ágon, amik olyan 20-30 oldal között voltak és annak ellenére, hogy magyarul voltak eléggé nehéz olvasmányok voltak. Keddre három külön órára kellett olvasni, politikai töri, gender és ökológiai témakörökben, a min. 16 oldaltól az 50-ig terjedtek. Csütörtökre cikkek, esszék, és teljes irodalomelmélet könyvek, héttől függően, ahol akár a 200 oldalig is elértünk. Péntekre pedig minden héten a cikkeket kellett vinni, két 40 oldalas fejezetet feldolgoztunk a félév folyamán (évszámok és külpolitikai egyezményekkel volt megbolondítva), mellette pedig science-fiction esszék és novellák voltak, itt a terjedelem lényegtelen, olvasmányosak voltak a tartalmuk miatt. A heti 120 oldal meg volt mindig, ha filmet kellett néznem vagy elmaradt az óra akkor csak 80. Emellett három tárgyra teljes könyvet is feladtak, csak nem hétről hétre (olyan órám tavaly volt… három is). Mindezt három nyelven. Kérem mondják nekem, hogy nem olvasok eleget.

Lehet, hogy emiatt én nem számítok mai fiatalnak, de már felismerem, hogy az agyamnak néha kell szünet. Néha kell, hogy regenerálódjanak az agysejtjeim és olyankor valóban nem tudok olyat olvasni, amihez lenne is kedvem, egy Neil Gaiman vagy Jackie Kennedy biográfia, de ez minősíti azt, hogy nem olvasok? Hogy 120 oldal után azt mondom, hogy most pihentetném a szemem? Hogy, amikor lefekszem aludni akkor nem kapom magamhoz az Umberto Ecot, hanem alszom is, hogy legalább a napi hat óra meglegyen? Ha emiatt gondolja valaki, hogy nem olvasok eleget én, és csoporttársaim, akkor tudja hova dugja a Harmonia Caelestist.

Ha a beszólás arra szolgált volna, hogy segítsünk megoldást találni akkor nem sértődtem volna meg, természetesen. És itt megállíthat bárki, hogy a tanár nem a bölcsészekre gondolt, de sajnos ki kell ábrándítanom, ugyanis nem, mint érdekes tény közölte ezt, hanem konkrétan azért, hogy minket megsértsen. Feldobta a kérdést, hogy ismerjük-e ezt meg azt az írót, ha nem volt a válasz, akkor mélységesen szégyelljük magunkat és sorolgatta tovább az írókat, hogy még cikibb legyen a helyzet. Ha valakire azt mondtuk, hogy ismerjük, akkor pedig számon kérte az egész bibliográfiájukat, amit ha nem tudtunk ismét jött a kérdés, hogy „Akkor miért mondják, hogy ismerik?”

Ez a szokása a tanároknak, hogy abba rúgunk, aki éppen ott van számomra kiakasztó. Ennyi év után is nehezen tudom kezelni. Miért kell mondani 12 embernek közölni, akik szeretnének diplomát szerezni, hogy az oktatás borzasztó és erről a diákok tehetnek (erre elvileg az a bizonyíték, hogy más egyetemeken is panaszkodnak a tanárok…)? Miért van az, hogy a saját tanszékének a rosszul működését a diákon veri le valaki? Miért nem bátorítunk valakit arra, hogy más akarjon lenni, minthogy inkább megerősítjük a tudatban, hogy egy vesztes, tök mindegy, hogy mit csinál? Mert nem olvasott eleget, nem dolgozik elég keményen, ha meg is csinálta, amit kért a tanár, azt is rosszul. És, ez mindenkire igaz mindig és kész. 

Az idősebbek mindig panaszkodni fognak a fiatalokra, ez nem újdonság. Minél idősebb az ember annál fiatalabbak is lesznek a diákok, ez sem meglepetés. Lehet, hogy csak én vagyok ilyen mazochista, hogy magamat hibáztatom mindenért, de igenis pozitívumként élem meg, hogy előbb magamban keresem a hibát. És annál jobban idegesít, amikor mások pont az ellenkezőjét teszik. Ha a fél évfolyam bukásra áll, akkor az nem a tanár hibája, hanem mi nem kötöttük fel a gatyát… ha nem ismerünk minden magyar írót miért vagyunk magyar szakon? Ha nem vetettük még össze a két fordítását A Szolgálólány Meséjének akkor mégis mivel pazaroltuk el az időnket??!! 

Én zárásképpen feldobnám azt is, hogy az olvasás igenis NEM korhoz kötött. Van egy tanárom, aki már elmúlt negyven, amikor a Harry Pottert elolvasta. Senki nem kezdett vele üvöltözni, hogy túl öreg hozzá. Elegem lett ezekből a buta listákból, amik ecsetelik, hogy miket kell 30 éves korom előtt elolvasni… ha egy könyv kortalan, akkor kortalan és kész. Egy évvel ezelőtt írtam tíz kedvenc könyvemről egy listát, és oda írtam, hogy ajánlom ezt mindenki, amikor csak akarnak olvasni valamit. Miért kéne 15 éves koromban olvasni a Hamlet-et? Egyáltalán hogyan lennék képes felfogni azt az állandó konfliktust, amit a főszereplő tapasztal a darab alatt? Miért nem beszélünk arról, hogy az Oroszlánkirály arra alapszik? Vagy, hogy talán színházba kéne megnézni és nem elolvasni? Miért hal meg a kreativitás az oktatásban? Nem fogja elhinni senki, de minden országban mások a kötelező olvasmányok és ez magában jel arra, hogy rugalmasnak kéne lenni. És ha bármi, akkor legalább azt tanuljuk meg, hogy az olvasást bátorítani kell, nem pedig megszabni. Az egyetemi tanár tehet azért, hogy a mai fiatal megint megszeresse az olvasást, csak kéne venni a fáradtságot.

Nem tudom milyen perverzióból élvezte a tanár, hogy minket sérteget ezzel, de fontosnak tartottam leszögezni, hogy ez a fiatal igenis olvas. És ha gondolja a tanár, boldogan kinyomtatom az összes dolgot, amit csak az elmúlt 14 hétben olvastam és hozzávágom, hogy ezt prezentáljam – érezze annak a súlyát.

De talán ahelyett, hogy sértegetünk embereket, keressünk megoldást a problémára.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

FRESH FROM THE THEATER: Star Wars - The Last Jedi

We have arrived to the last review of 2017! I managed to see the movie just before the year ends and I thought it would be a good finale. Overall I would like to say that for me this was a very tough year and I do not think I will look back at it fondly. I lost someone who was, in 26 years, the most important person in my life and I wish I had realized that a lot sooner. I did not, unfortunately, and the burden of that will live on with me for a long while, I fear. But that loss will also make me stronger, because I'll work harder to hold on to the people that are dearest to me. That having been said, I watched a movie that thought me just that: to let go. It was a wonderful lesson wrapped in an awesome movie, and I will go into the smallest of details as possible to let you all understand what I am talking about. Let us now dive into: [MAJOR SPOILERS COMING!]

Our story continues with the rebels trying to fight relentlessly the First Order, and the latter wishing to crush the rebellion once and for all. But as that goes on, Rey has finally reached Luke, who is unwilling to give up his hatred of himself for having failed Ben Solo during his training. Rey resorts to finding answers to her questions alone, while the rebellion is under continuous attack. Leia is indisposed, Poe is showed aside, and Finn has to find someone who will ensure that the First Order cannot track them anymore. In the end Ben faces his old master who has one more lesson to teach him.

I honestly don't know where to begin. The more I thought about the little details in the movie the more I fell in love with it. I was teary eyed all the way through, for obvious reasons, among them the fact that the movie re-did my favorite scene from Return of the Jedi. But I am getting ahead of myself, so let us go in order. First, Poe Dameron. He has got to be my favorite character. I just adored every little thing he did and his chemistry with Leia was on-spot. There is this endearing scene, where he hoped to be in charge and the whole movie set up how he is going to be the leader of the rebellion. He has the brain of Leia and the charm (and clothes) of Han, actually, which makes him a very likable character. He wishes to do good, he would sacrifice everything in order to win, but he learns the hard way that one cannot always go in guns blazing. He is on his way to becoming a wonderful lead character and I hope that episode IX will make great use of him!
Second is Finn, who might be the only low point of this movie for me. Don't get me wrong, I incredibly enjoyed his story. The fact that there are corners of the universe we never visited before are finally revealed to us, not to mention that his partner in the adventures, Rose, is a wonderful young gal who shows him the horrors of war reach far beyond the conflict of First Order vs. Rebels. The reason I deem it less important is the fact that Finn kind of had the same adventure in the previous movie. He embarked in something unknown to learn a great lesson. I find that he was underused, but that does not take away from the awesomeness of that plot-line, of course. The part of the galaxy that we are shown blew my mind, so yes, no regrets on that account.
Third is, of course, Rey. I just love the fact that there is no longer a balance between good and evil. I ALWAYS hated the idea of 'no feelings', like you are only good if you avoid your emotions and thoughts. Just think of Return of the Jedi, when Luke yells out "NEVER!" and then starts waving around the lightsaber like a deranged maniac... like did that look like a well thought out rational method of attack to you? And if I am talking about Rey I have to add Ben. I loved the fact that he is, in the end, a scared child, the same way Rey is. They both sought someone in their life who will show them the way, who will tell them what to do, but ultimately, they have to choose for themselves. There are no Sith or Jedi. There are people with conflicting feelings who can decide do to right or wrong. They are human. And I love that. I love how there is no logical explanation, there is no definitive line, good and bad have a different meaning and a different understanding.
Ben was easily driven to Snoke because he felt betrayed by Luke. He also felt betrayed by his parents who handed him to this uncle. And then there is Rey, who knew all her life that she is not descendant of a noble bloodline, she is just strong on her own. I f*cking loved that. I just knew it, I told everyone, come on! Not every single Jedi is a descendant of the Skywalker family! And she isn't and I adored that! Going back to Ben, I need to address the shirtless scene: I loved it. Not his body in particular, Adam Driver is a good looking guy alright, I wanted to see more actually, this grandpa pants that they have him wearing is ridiculous... I mean where is the belly button? And while thinking about this I realized why I was so content with it: the movie did not make a sex object of the women. We perceive men very differently when they are on screen naked as opposed to women. Think of slave-Leia... see my point? I think that was a good scene because it was meant to enhance his vulnerability and it did.
Now turning to the old schoolers, Leia was marvelous. I heard they cut out a bunch of her scenes, I am guessing for the next movie, and the way she gave on the mantle to Poe was done formidably. Fisher also wrote most of her lines and I am so happy she did, because nobody else could ever be Leia but her. Toward the end Luke comes to her and tells her that he cannot turn Ben, and I just adored that it was a perfect re-enactment of my favorite scene with them from Return of the Jedi, when he tells her that he will go to Vader. I also loved that Leia can use the force, there were several comic books in the extended universe that dealt with that, so I was happy to see it. [The way I squealed at the torn lightsaber with the crystal in it! Shown in the stand alone two part Clone Wars cartoon!] I have loved Carrie Fisher all my life and if there is a way for her to reach Han and Luke gracefully in the next episode, then I will let her go with a smile and a tear in my eye.
Finally, Luke. Oh boy... where to begin? I adored him. He has that same charm he did when the story was about him, but you can tell this is an old man who has seen his fair share of adventure. He was learned a great deal about the Jedi, the universe, the Force, family... he decided to isolate himself for the same reasons other Jedi did, because that is what is expected of them and yet, these characters are not like others. The world changed and with it the people who are able to wield the force as a weapon. His last graceful act is that of saving his sister and I found that moving. I loved his battle with Kylo Ren because it was reminiscent of Obi-Wan's death and as such I am convinced the Luke will still return and teach Rey the same way he was thought by the ghosts of the great masters. I also adored his interaction with Yoda!

What else is there to say? The movie did three things that made it stand out for me: one, it heard the complaints people had with episode VII. Two, it gave us something of the past and used it to move forward. Three, in certain places it directly spoke to the audience, but I was OK with that.

I've read somewhere that this was a movie about letting go of the past and moving on, for people who do not want to let go of the past and move on... and I find that to be spot on. Is the movie perfect? No. They could have done a lot more with Captain Phasma, Finn could have been used in different ways, Kylo could have shown more body... (hehe), some jokes felt ill-timed (making me feel like I was watching a Marvel movie instead) and although I liked the pacing I would have been completely fine with this being a 2 hour movie like the others. This is all the criticism I can think of and that after three hours of discussion with the other seven people I saw the movie with. I loved Vice Admiral Holdo and her contribution to the fight, I loved how so easily we put Snoke aside, like, no, there is no greater evil, there is no ultimate villain, let that notion go! I loved the creatures, I especially adored the nun-like dinosaurs taking care of the island where Luke lived. I laughed so hard at Chewie's every scene, and teared up when he hugged Leia... I don't think I will ever get tired of that. The music too, oh my god, the music to these movies deserves every award in my opinion. I just... I love this series.

Watch it? Yes. You might like it or you might not. And that is it. There is no real argument here because people will always find something to complain about. Think about this: the original trilogy did not disappear just because the prequel trilogy came out. If you don't like this series, you are in luck, there is plenty of Star Wars out there for you without it. Me, on the other hand, am a fan of this story and I just cannot wait to see where it will lead next!

Until the next item on my list!

_ _ _ _ _

Rey - Daisy Ridley
Finn - John Boyega
Poe Dameron - Oscar Isaac
Kylo Ren - Adam Driver
Leia Organa - Carrie Fisher
Vice Admiral Holdo - Laura Dern
Rose Tico - Kelly Marie Tran
General Hux - Domnhall Gleeson
Chewbacca - Peter Mayhew
C-3PO - Anthony Daniels
Supreme Leader Snoke - Andy Serkis
Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill
Yoda - Frank Oz

Thursday, December 28, 2017

What's Next On My List? Office Christmas Party

I decided to sneak in one last review for 2017 because it is Christmas related and posting it in January or waiting one more year just felt dumb to me... so here is a movie that I really think you should reconsider putting on your movie list!

In order to avoid having to close down the branch, the young director organizes a big Christmas party in the office to impress someone whose business might be able to save them. The party, of course, gets out of hand very quickly, and the young director seems to have lost the business anyway and in his drunk desperation the events of the night unfold very quickly.

I did not hear anything about this movie and as such I did not have high expectations. But oh lord... I laughed so hard I can't even tell you. Above everything, this movie had no disgusting toilet jokes that would put me off... I hate those, I am not even going to apologize, humor can be so sophisticated and subtle and worth your while and I cannot laugh at someone shitting themselves or unjustified puking! It's not funny! And you know what? I am almost certain that this is the reason why the movie did not do great: it was advertised for those who enjoy these kind of dumb jokes and then they saw something much more sophisticated and the ratings went down. Dumb people have a problem understanding good jokes, is all I am saying, and I am being this mean because I honestly don't get why this movie was not received well, since the writing was just one of many good things.
I will not even detail the awesome actors who were part of the project, but let me focus on what sold this movie for me: the characters and the plot. The actors tells us everything we need to know through acting. There is no big exposition speech, there is no need to spell things out for us, those who care for each other will tell you with their eyes and they do. We find out that the owner of this branch died and his children are fighting and they are doing so because they want to succeed. In the end they realize that it was their father who instigated this rivalry and they should rely on each other. More than one person finds love, and it is not in your face, just hints in the background. Even if the office itself gets almost incredibly destroyed, they do in the end come up with something that might save everybody's job. I did not need over the top jokes, just characters who are relatable and funny and they were. 100%.

This movie was a super pleasant surprise and I will definitely tell everyone to go see it, because it is smart and witty with likable characters and it did bring me more Christmas cheer than I thought it would and that alone makes it a good movie! So do go and check it out.

I am currently under the weather, but I have one review planned for this year, and if everything goes well I'll be able to go to the cinema and see it and write my review quick, if not, this was it and I wish you all a happy new year!

Until the next item on my list!
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