Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What's Next On My List? (Games) Devil May Cry 4

There are two game franchises that I care for a whole lot, one is Assassin's Creed, the other is Devil May Cry. I can't really put my hand on it, but the whole world just draws me in and makes me care about the fate of these guys. It might be the murderous demons that sometimes have a heart or the insane people who wish to share the planet with them... either way, there is always a big moral lesson in each game and to unravel it is always a great adventure!

The story: Dante attacks a church that is worshiping the Dark Knight Sparda as their lord. A young man, Nero, is sent to stop Dante because he is blamed for the sudden attack of demons all around the city. Nero learns that it was the church that unleashed the demons and Dante arrived to stop them. Nero also has to face that in him lay demonic powers that, even if he didn't want them to begin with, is later happy to accept in order to save the one person who has been true to him all of his life, Kyrie. The giant statue of Sparda is brought to life and as Dante fights it from the outside, Nero fights it from within in an attempt to stop the high priest from opening the final portal that will unleash all demons.
Game play: Well, it was a bit difficult to adjust because you keep changing between Dante and Nero, and well, once you get used to the hand of Yamato - the arm of Nero which he controls thanks to him being half demon -, it is hard to readjust again to just the sword and guns of Dante. But honestly, that is the biggest problem I can think of. I loved playing this game. I cared for the characters, the story, the music... it all came together. The puzzles were fun, not too hard but it kept you involved. Not to mention that the story played onto the most important trait of us all humans: the wish to keep safe those we love the most. The moral in the end was a simple one, that is, those who play with fire get burned. In addition to you being already in love with Dante, you start to care immensely for Nero who, having been lied to all his life, learns to accept that to tame the monster within he first has to accept it. Having a gift in this world, both the real and the game, can be a curse, unless it is used for good.
Mini-bosses: They were mostly the angels that sought to bring back to life the Dark Knight Sparda. They were not difficult, however, some put up a good fight and there was utter joy in destroying them. I don't you know if you ever had this experience, but sometimes mini-bosses are nothing more than a nuissance... well, no, that is not the right word, I would say they are uninteresting. There is a fine line between 'hard for no reason' and 'unimpressive'. The game managed to find best way to make sure you don't give up and be excited when you beat a mini-boss. I think the fact that they did not look like demons but simple believers added a different twist to the story.
The boss: oh f*ck him, honestly, I had to do it like three hundred times... it was one of the main priests who, of course, had a second form that was beyond impossible to beat! First of all, he looks like a fragile old man, so you kinda fill bad about wanting to kill him. Second, when he transforms he is so ugly that you just shoot and shoot and try your best to make sure he stays dead, but then you go back to the first problem, as in, yeah he is the evil guy, but it's still like a fragile old man... either way, f*ck him, he deserved to die! Very difficult boss fight, is all I wanted to say.

What worked? Well for me everything, really, I had super fun playing it and the story was very good in my humble opinion. So much so that I can't really think of anything that I did not like. I am planning on playing more DMC in the future, possibly replaying this one first, because I miss it terribly, but the time I have for movies is not enough to devote to a video game, especially an RPG of this length. But I'll get there soon enough! And to add to that, I never really liked games that have separate fight scenes, take the original Final Fantasy games for example, the cut scenes take a super long time and you are just grinding like an idiot and not advancing whatsoever... fortunately this game has nothing of the sort, of you just advance and get stronger with every enemy you cross. This is something that definitely played in the favor of the game!

Until the next item on my list!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

What's Next On My List? Focus

There is one kind of movies that I love eternally - and those are the ones that manage to fool even me. That's why I love to read crime novels, I enjoy more than anything to try and figure out who the killer is, and if I'm wrong I'm not sad: I am even more excited that the writer managed to fool even me! That is why I LOVE movies that have a perfect crime in them, so I want to pay homage again to a series of perfect crime movies, which managed to amaze me every time I watch them. I wrote about the first five in 2013, and I now want to add another five to the list, going from 10 to 6. You can reach my old reviews at the bottom of this page!

My sister, knowing I was planning these reviews, showed me a movie that surprised her and she wished all throughout for it to have the perfect twist and success that I seek so I could add it to my list. Gotta say, this movie has become a favorite!


Story is about a con-man, who teaches a young girl how to cheat and steal using mind tricks. He teaches her that the best way to con others is to make sure their attention is focused on something other than what they wish to steal or cheat them out of, whilst making sure that they themselves never lose sight of what is important. They argue on what is good or bad as far as stealing goes, but they all agree that to win big you need to aim high.

I just didn't know what to expect going in and the movie kept raising the bar over and over again, not to mention that it was hilarious... the final twist was simply spectacular. I have been a huge Margot Robbie fan since I saw her in Pan Am (click here to read my review!) and I never go looking for Will Smith movies, but I am always pleasantly surprised. Before you ask, no, I have not seen Suicide Squad, nor I intend to. I have read and heard about it enough to know that it isn't for me. The characters they play of course are completely different, needless to say, and they work together very well. The story makes fun of the well known heist movies as well as adding characters that were completely out of the norm. This was not just a stereotypical movie with a fun twist at the end, actually, it was a completely new experience to me. The scenery alone made it beautiful, and when you add how brilliantly they wrapped up the story, you won't regret that you started to watch it.

"- So what about the big con? I though you were all big time.
- Oh, you mean the one where we make so much money, we can all retire and get yachts and boob jobs? Now, that's a fantasy. We are in the volume business. It's safer that way."

Watch it? Yes, please. The rating completely missed on the sheer awesomeness of this movie. There is a lot more to it with details that even I didn't catch when I watched it for the first time. This is one of those films that has to be rewatched over and over again and that makes it a home-run for me!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _

Nicky Will Smith
Farhad - Adrian Martinez
Owens Gerald McRaney
Garriga Rodrigo Santoro
Liyuan BD Wong
 _ _ _ _ _ 

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Friday, July 14, 2017

What's Next On My List? Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

There is one kind of movies that I love eternally - and those are the ones that manage to fool even me. That's why I love to read crime novels, I enjoy more than anything to try and figure out who the killer is, and if I'm wrong I'm not sad: I am even more excited that the writer managed to fool even me! That is why I LOVE movies that have a perfect crime in them, so I want to pay homage again to a series of perfect crime movies, which managed to amaze me every time I watch them. I wrote about the first five in 2013, and I now want to add another five to the list, going from 10 to 6. You can reach my old reviews at the bottom of this page!

Before going to this review I would like to admit that I brought this list of perfect crime movies ahead to summer for a specific reason: to be able to write something that will stay with me, or online, forever. In that sense it is an homage to a lot of fantastic people out there, screen writers, actors, directors... really anyone behind and in front of the camera. Just a few weeks ago the lovely Glenne Headly passed away and I came to know about her through this movie. I wanted to make sure I have this movie among all the ones I have written about so far because some movies deserve to be talked about as often as possible. Again, won't spoil anything!


Two con-men decide to have a bet in order to decide who gets the playing field in a little city upon the sea in France. They decide to set the bet at $50,000, an amount they have to get from an heiress who traveled there during the summer. Although Freddy, the younger of the two, has learned plenty from Lawrence, the men he made the bet with, he still resorts to his previous knowledge to get the girl's money.

I grew up on this movie, and because of it, I have standards when it comes to movies about con-men. These two were extraordinary and I have rewatched it I dunno how many times over the years. First of all, Michael Caine doesn't often do roles like this, yet he is amazing. Ultimately he is the bad guy, when you think about it, but in the 'you still want him to win' way. Our other conman is Steve Martin, who unfortunately went back to his old ways in trying to defeat Lawrence, although the latter had taught him a lot. I keep wondering who would have won had Freddy used the new skills he acquired. But in the end the con was something different all together.
This movie was turned into a musical a couple of years ago and I have listened to it often thanks to my sister. It kept the humor and the essence of the movie. The casting is simply wonderful and with each minute passing you get more and more interested and curious. What is going to happen? How can this unravel? Who will win? And you never see it coming and each time it is the most fun you'll have ever. Not to mention that there is an extra twist at the end that just makes you genuinely smile. If you have not seen it yet, make sure you get around to it because it is a timeless tale.

Watch it? Obviously. And check out the musical too if you can because the original cast recording is brilliant. Funny, witty, unpredictable, original and well done. A great cast with a great story. You really should watch it as soon as you can!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Freddy BensonSteve Martin
Lawrence JamiesonMichael Caine
Janet ColgateGlenne Headly
Inspector AndreAnton Rodgers
Fanny EubanksBarbara Harris
Arthur Ian McDiarmid
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Monday, July 10, 2017


I finally managed to get around to seeing this movie. I decided to never invest in a DC movie again after all that had happened, but I heard enough good things that I decided that women superheroes is something I do want more of in the future. One thing is for certain: no producer in movie history can use the sentence "People don't care about female superheroes" ever again as an excuse!

An Amazon, Diana travels to the world of men seeking the God of war Ares, as she thinks him responsible for the Great War. She helps a group of spies penetrate the German forces in order to stop a biological attack that would tilt the war in the favor of the Germans, or, help them win it all together. However, once faced with the real enemy Diana discovers some things about herself as well, not just the true nature of men.

Before going in I'd like to say that I have been a major fan of Gal Gadot for years now, and upon hearing she was cast I was over the moon! Now, some people weren't the same way and I really hope this teaches them once and for all to think before speaking!
You have read and heard enough of this movie to now that it is good. I would just like to add a few points to it. Even points other people probably already made. First of all, there was a need for a good Wonder Woman adaptation that is not sexist. Second, you always have this returning joke when people who are unknown to our world travel to it and make silly things. It is reused, and reused, but if you are smart enough you can make it interesting. And they did! She was new to things but not foolish or comically absurd. Good amount of jokes, but they were not overdone. Third, I loved the chemistry between Steve and Diana, and the one tender scene they had wasn't exaggerated. They shared a very passionate kiss and it was more than enough to let us know they care for each other deeply. Fourth, the scenery... first the Amazon island was spectacular. Women being badass, finally! Not to mention, that there was no need to destroy a well known city to get me interested in the movie... that is something they always do. The movie was inches away from another stupid plot line where I am sure they could have said "We need to stop this bomb above London!", and draw us back into the same dumb routines that comic/disaster movies follow... But they didn't, and I am thankful for that! The cast was good, the fight scenes were awesome, it was emotional but not overdone and well, I wished to see more. This last one is the most important thing to me because otherwise a movie is utter failure. But no, no, I want more Diana Prince! More wonder, more power and more courage.

Watch it? YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET? Honestly, this is the DC universe at its best. I gotta tell you, if somebody makes sure this is the kind of movie [fans] look for then I won't be worried anymore that my favorite characters will be brought to life the way they should be!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _ 

Diana - Gal Gadot
Steve Trevor - Chris Pine
Hippolyta Connie Nielsen
Antiope Robin Wright
Ludendorff Danny Huston
Sir PatrickDavid Thewlis
Sameer Saïd Taghmaoui
Charlie Ewen Bremner
The ChiefEugene Brave Rock

Friday, July 7, 2017

What's Next On My List? Fracture

There is one kind of movies that I love eternally - and those are the ones that manage to fool even me. That's why I love to read crime novels, I enjoy more than anything to try and figure out who the killer is, and if I'm wrong I'm not sad: I am even more excited that the writer managed to fool even me! That is why I LOVE movies that have a perfect crime in them, so I want to pay homage again to a series of perfect crime movies, which managed to amaze me every time I watch them. I wrote about the first five in 2013, and I now want to add another five to the list, going from 10 to 6. You can reach my old reviews at the bottom of this page!

You might argue with me if you have seen this movie, but you also know why I chose it. For those who have not seen it yet, don't worry, I won't spoil the twist at the end, but I want to get you interested!


A young lawyer, Willy Beachum, gets an impossible case where he has to convict someone who admits to having committed a murder, but refuses any defense. Every evidence on paper points to Ted Crawford, but the lawyer misses the key material evidence to convict him. Ted plays with Willy just long enough to make him so mad, that he will not let go.

I saw this movie twice in the theater. I was incredibly moved by the performances and I find that the American legal system on its own is very fascinating. First of all, it was this movie that made me fall in love with Ryan Gosling. He was amazing in it. He plays a good lawyer, but a bit too young to tackle certain cases. While on his rise to the top he realizes that after some cases he wishes to see justice even if it means that he might not get a big paycheck with it. Ted manages to get under his skin, but he miscalculates, as he drives Willy to pursue the case and to not give up. Ted is a worthy opponent, but he deems Willy to be too young and too inexperienced, and truly, no matter who he would've gotten in court as an opponent, his plan to defeat arrest was bulletproof. That is the perfect crime in the story. Ted manages to get the life of two people he has chosen to defeat and although Willy can't prove it, he knows that he did it. Ted gets in over his head and forgets caution. It is human nature to fight back, when you think about it. Humiliation too is reason for fighting: Ted felt humiliated by his wife's behavior. Willy on the other hand could only accept defeat if he had truly done everything he could to ensure justice is served. As I said, the plan is perfect, however, the human factor causes his downfall.

Watch it? Oh yes. It is a brilliant movie. Each time I watch it I discover something new. I genuinely enjoy court cases, there is something about the American system that makes me want to learn as much as I can about law. This movie was no exception. And well, the casting was quite wonderful too.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Willy Beachum - Ryan Gosling
Ted Crawford - Anthony Hopkins
Joe LobrutoDavid Strathairn
Nikki GardnerRosamund Pike
Jennifer CrawfordEmbeth Davidtz
Rob NunallyBilly Burke
Detective Flores Cliff Curtis
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Sunday, July 2, 2017

What's Next On My List? Flypaper

There is one kind of movies that I love eternally - and those are the ones that manage to fool even me. That's why I love to read crime novels, I enjoy more than anything to try and figure out who the killer is, and if I'm wrong I'm not sad: I am even more excited that the writer managed to fool even me! That is why I LOVE movies that have a perfect crime in them, so I want to pay homage again to a series of perfect crime movies, which managed to amaze me every time I watch them. I wrote about the first five in 2013, and I now want to add another five to the list, going from 10 to 6. You can reach my old reviews at the bottom of this page!

To start off this list I thought of a movie that I simply watched because of the casting and was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. As always, I will not blow the ending because I don't want to ruin the twist at the end, as in, how the perfect crime came to be. I just want you to get interested in the movie!


The story plays out inside a bank that is being robbed by two different groups... at the same time. Inside the hostages won't sit still, one of them in particular, Tripp, keeps trying to find ways out of the bank. He does so by bothering the two groups and pinning them against each other continuously. Despite the police coming in and stopping both, somebody gets off with the money in a hilarious turn at the end!

This movie is quite underrated, which is unclear to me... I loved the twist at the end and it had some of the best actors I have known over the years. I think the idea is very original to begin with. Having two groups trying to rob the same bank is simply hilarious to me! And on top of that there is something relieving about the hostages being active. In other hostage situations they convey fear and you feel helpless and they want to make you feel like there is absolutely nothing you could ever do in a situation like this. But not these hostages, no, they keep on thinking about how to survive and their instincts kick in and I think that is brilliant. Every single character in this movie has a very important role in the story and I applaud that. Original, funny and overall breathtaking in my humble opinion!

Watch it? Yes, please do. You'll be surprised. Even if you don't like very single character I can still guarantee that you will have a good time watching it. You'll find yourself rooting for everyone and no one at the same time and wishing that the one person who has nothing to do with the robbing takes off with the money!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _

Tripp Patrick Dempsey
Kaitlin Ashley Judd
Peanut ButterTim Blake Nelson
Darrien Mekhi Phifer
Gates Matt Ryan
Gordon BlytheJeffrey Tambor
_ _ _ _ _ _

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's Next On My List? Roman Holiday

I was thinking about movies that I watch almost every summer and I wanted to write about a few of them because I have a couple of things I'd like to share.

Princess Ann escapes during her European tour so she can see some of the city without her guards and her men telling her what to do. She bumps into a reporter, Joe Bradley, who decides to stick around her in order to make sure he gets an interview out of it, or at least an article that will help him get back to the United States. He grows fond of her and they have a great time. He decides to not write about their day, but keep it a secret between them after he has to say goodbye to her.

Now, a lot of people I showed this movie to did not like the ending of the movie. And it kept coming up and I decided to share my version of it, or, to be honest, my sister's version, as I find it to be the best. At the end of the movie the Princess is given the photos taken of her and the reporter shakes her hand. She goes on and he, slowly, walks away with a smile. Every person I know was sad about this ending because they wished for them to get together. My sister's interpretation was, that they will, just not now. The reporter can follow her, write about her, be the one who will report on her. They might not be able to be together because she is royalty, but that sure doesn't mean that they will never cross path. She is just about to inherit the throne. She has responsibilities that she cannot say no to. However, she was just a little girl before escaping and her adventure in the city made her into a grown up. She will never forget him and I find that beautiful. We all have those people in our lives who come in, change the way we live, the way we feel, and they leave. They are not meant to stay. But you never forget them, and if enough time passes it will become an endearing memory, despite the pain one might have felt when they left. Ann became a better person thanks to her adventure with Joe and I think that is the lesson here.

Watch it? Sure, it is a classic. You might not agree with the ending but I think it is left open on purpose. You can add your own touch to the ending of this fairy tale and it is a unique fairy tale. All others end with the boy getting the princess and I don't think that is always the best. Sometimes the fairy tale might not happen, but you are allowed to fantasies.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ 

Joe BradleyGregory Peck
Princess AnnAudrey Hepburn
Irving Radovich - Eddie Albert

Monday, June 19, 2017

What's Next On My List? High Fidelity

I decided to not set a theme for summer because there are a couple of movies I just want to have a chance to talk about before doing something big like #MusicalMay or #ApocalypticApril again. Here is one:

The story is about Rob Gordon, the owner of a record store, who loses his girlfriend, Laura, at the beginning of the story. He decides to examine his past relationships in order to see what went wrong with all of them, to understand how he ended up losing Laura. Through this journey he pokes one too many skeletons in his closet, but they all just assure him in the feeling that getting back his ex should be priority number one, as she is the one she wants to become a better person for.

Right off the bat I have to admit that I have not read the book this movie was made from. The reason for that is very simple: I don't need to. The movie uses narration and the main character keeps breaking the fourth wall ensuring that the viewer knows what is going on. The movie is, and I've been told by my best friend, a perfect adaptation. I only feel the need to read a book when I got curious where the movie comes from, but here, it was pretty self explanatory and I do not expect anything earth shattering from the book. That having been said, although made in 2000, the movie still has that 90's vibe to it that I like very much. Movies in the 90s were a lot better than they are today... This movie too was pretty awesome if it wasn't for one thing... One thing that I find was completely and utterly unnecessary: the sex.
Let me explain. There are a few sex scenes and I'm going to be picky here and actually critique something that goes beyond the movie. There is one scene where Rob imagines his girlfriend with someone else, and I'm not gonna lie, it is a pretty hilarious scene. Nothing wrong with that one! It was well positioned and it serves a purpose. Now... remember: purpose. Second, Rob is happy that he might have a chance at getting back his girlfriend and he is so filled with joy that he goes and has sex with someone else... WHO DOES THAT? I mean honestly, if I have a chance with someone I'm not gonna go screw around, and this was especially stupid because he had already cheated on her once... he was lucky enough to lot lose her then, so why risk it now? Not to mention, that I apologize, but the actors had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever in my opinion. It was needless. It served no purpose. Third, Laura's father dies and they have sex in the car because she wants to feel something other than grief. OK. Now. Seriously, what happened in American history that we accept unquestionably the fact that people have sex at funerals? Who the f*ck gets aroused by the thought of someone dying? I had family members die and you know what? It kills you inside. You feel lost and terrible and sometimes the guilt kicks in telling you that you are still alive and you should feel bad about it. Which is followed by the guilt of knowing that being alive you should seize the day but it doesn't work like that. It does not. Never have I ever in this situation felt the need to find someone to have sex with... it put off the story for me in more ways then one and I was sorry about that.
That having been said, do I have any other complaints? No. This movie was great. It is about a man becoming an adult. An that is hard, trust me, I know because I feel that this particular journey is ahead of me. I watched this movie because my best friend recommended it to me and I'm glad she did. Rob always makes lists of the Top 5 things in his life and that is something I do too. It was fun to see someone else do it too. I'm pretty sure that is why she recommended it to me. The cast is quite brilliant, I am always reminded of how much I love John Cusack, and well, his sister Joan is one of my favorite actresses. I just adore how they are always in each other's movies! Ultimately the movie is about a self-centered idiot who takes the time to realize what is wrong with him in order to make sure that never happens again. None of us will find the source of a problem if our first instinct is to blame others for our misfortunes. And many are yet to learn that lesson!

Watch it? Absolutely. I am thinking about re-cutting it without those two completely unnecessary scenes, I'm sorry, but they are just thrown in there... in a story about a guy who keeps messing up his relationships I have a hard time believing that he is just a playboy... Otherwise? Awesome film.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _

Rob Gordon - John Cusack
Laura - Iben Hjejle
Dick - Todd Louiso
Barry Judd - Jack Black
Charlie Nicholson - Catherine Zeta-Jones
Ian Raymond - Tim Robbins

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What's Next On My List? The Fate of the Furious

Well, it took me quite some time to get here, seeing that last year I just couldn't write for the life of me. Having overcome that block I have been slowly trying to get myself back onto the horse and trying my hardest to not let go. This year I tried to write a review almost every week and it was very therapeutic - as writing always is for me. I had 12 seminars, but I decided that I wouldn't set my blog aside any longer. Here we are today!

For this review I prepared something special. This movie series has been my favorite every since I saw the first one. I love all of them. I got goose bumps when the movie started and the first song came on. And, believe it or not, they do still manage to surprise me so many years later!

This time around Dom's hands are tied and he is forced to turn against his family in order to save someone irreplaceable. The others unite to stop him, or better yet, to understand why he would turn on them. The team, however, is not strong enough to stop him alone, as the ones behind Dom seem to be always a step ahead. Nonetheless, the fact that Dominic has gone completely rogue is not a certainty.

Honestly, I love this bunch and I love any movie they give me. However, I was personally surprised at how much I enjoyed it this movie. There is something new to all of them, you can't argue with that because starting from the set up of the group all the way to the villains there is always an extra element of surprise. What shocks me is that they always find something new, not to mention that from the start every movie played with the notion of hero vs. villain. When one is a hero in the next they are the villain and the next they are the hero again. This line is blurred on purpose. Many who are outlaws did not purposefully break the law, many times they were simply trying to get away from something far worse than themselves. 
Not to mention that despite all the bad one might do, they do have a moral code of their own. For some it is money, undoubtedly, but that is often or almost always overwritten by their love of family. Something that those who have no such connections often underestimate, which is a good mechanic to create bad guys. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I would not mind breaking the law if it meant that I can secure the well being of someone I love. And when you think about it, this movie series begun with a story that made you root for the bad guy. You were on the side of the police but the whole story explained to you why you will care for the bad guy the same way the police will. Each movie deals with how hard it is to draw the line and I think it always fascinating to see each variation.

Not to mention that the celebrity cameos in this movie are by far the best ones :D I don't want to spoil anything, make sure to check it out yourself!

Watch it? If you haven't because you feel that this series has nothing new to offer, then you'll be surprised. I do suggest watching it because it fits into the narrative perfectly. Not to mention that they kept Paul Walker's character Brian alive, with a simple sentence, and to me that meant the world. The love this bunch of actors have for each other on and off the screen simply gives back my faith in humanity!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dominic Toretto - Vin Diesel
Roman Pierce Tyrese Gibson
Agent Hobbs - Dwayne Johnson
Tej Ludacris
Elena - Elsa Pataky
Deckard Shaw - Jason Statham
Mr. Nobody - Kurt Russell
Ramsey - Nathalie Emmanuel
Cipher - Charlize Theron
Little Nobody - Scott Eastwood

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

FRESH FROM THE THEATER: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Let us take a closer look at the newest addition to the Marvel Universe a couple of weeks later after its debut in the theaters! (Will contain spoilers!)

The Guardians have to tackle an enemy far larger than before, as Peter Quill's father shows up unexpectedly and Peter finds out his heritage. The others are divided, Rocket and Groot end up with Yondu trying to find their way back to the rest of the gang, while Nebula seeks them too in order to get revenge on her sister. Peter, Drax and Gamora go to Ego, Peter's father's planet, to learn about his abilities and his plan for Peter.

I cried. I had to cry so hard and I held - some of it - in, because I couldn't sob loudly with all those people around us. I loved this movie very much. It kept all the elements that the first movie had and it enhanced the characters. Not only was it logical and well built but on top of being funny it had a seriousness to it that it very much needed.
I am going to spoil the main plot now, because I need it to add a few thoughts to this review. Peter finally meets his father, a man called Ego who is originally a planet that learned to harness its energy and created a human form for himself in order to then travel around the galaxy. He implants seeds on every planet in order to then be able to control them, however, he alone cannot do so and he needs Peter too, as he has the power within him as well. A friend of mine told me that he did not like this movie very much, or to be precise, it didn't catch him the way he thought it would. I have been thinking about that and well, I can see why for some it wasn't enough. The movie is a cliché, since, Peter's main story is learning that his friends are his family and he doesn't need to know his past to know his future. This story has been done and re-done a thousand times. Do I mind that?
No, and here is why: if they package it well then I am sold. I have not yet seen an inter-galactic father-son interaction that kept me glued to my seat for so long until now. The movie had obvious story lines that will be a good tie-in for Infinity War, second, this could not have worked in the first movie... it would have been such an obvious way to enforce something that was not needed yet. Here, time passed, they have learned to care for each other, to love the others and the lesson wasn't that they are forever bound now, but that they do not want to go on without the others. This unity is of extreme importance because to fight the ultimate bad guy, Thanos, they need to trust each other. This is something that can no longer be said about the Avengers... Another reason why the next movie will be incredibly exciting. And there is so much more I could say about this movie, but I don't want to drag it out.

Watch it? I laughed, I cried, I had goose bumps and I wanted more. I think that is by definition what a good movie is. This is an excellent sequel in a world where sequels are rarely 10/10. To me, personally, this is a good movie that shows the makers knew what they were doing. They know the audience and care for the characters. I'd re-watch it anytime!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Peter Quill / Star-Lord - Chris Pratt
Gamora - Zoe Saldana
Baby Groot - Vin Diesel
Rocket - Bradley Cooper
Nebula - Karen Gillan
Mantis - Pom Klementieff
Kraglin - Sean Gunn

Sunday, June 4, 2017

What's Next On My List? (Games) Assassin's Creed Revelations

As you know this is my favorite series and even if it took me years to get ahold of this game (legally!) so I can play it (shamelessly), after having gotten around to it I decided to share my thoughts as I have done before with the Assassin's Creed games.

The story: Desmond is stuck inside the Animus as the machine is unstable. Within it he goes back to Ezio, who, in order to finish his quest in Istanbul keeps reading Altair's journals, in order to be able to give up the mantle once his finishes what he started. Desmond, however, cannot get out of the Animus until he completes the quests at hand. Ezio is also guided by the ghost of Altair, which makes this a game within a game, as you are no longer the only one going back in time to a former self. This is of course the problem with the Animus. In Istanbul you and the Creed are entrusted with helping the sultan Suleiman's rise to power, as his life is in danger by those seeking the throne.
Game play: Well, I loved this game to the point of going crazy for it. It was everything that drew me in when I first played with it and well, less Desmond... I feel that this game was created after the company heard all the complaints of the people. Brotherhood let you discover a city, get to know the surrounding, care for your recruits, so on. Whilst in ACIII (click here to read my review) I've found myself running from conflict to just go ahead with the main story, here, I just loved discovering the open world. Every AC game has an open world, however, it is important how you set it up for me to care. Here I did and I was doing more side quests as possible and that shows that the game really knows what it's doing! Not to mention, that the side characters were simply brilliant. Yusuf was the head of the Istanbul Creed, and there was a gentle lady Ezio befriended, Sofia, someone from Italy, and well both characters were charismatic and we got enough from them for me to want more. The person who thought them up did a fine job!
And not to be too hard on ACIII, the colonies were historically and geographically accurate, and the forests were beautiful, but way too big for it to not become boring after a while...
Mini-Bosses: Not much to say here, if you have played these games you know already that most mini-bosses come at the end of each sequence and sometimes you have to re-fight some of them. They were alright, none of them was too difficult or too impossible. Some took longer than others but not in a dragged out way.
The Boss fight: well, ultimately there were two major fights, one for Ezio and one for Altair. Now, the first and the second where both connected by the idea of being men to whom power was the only thing worth doing anything for. Others were turned and believed that those who would have given their lives to the Creed were the bad guys. In Ezio's present we have to rescue Sofia as well as uncover the plan to kill Suleiman before he becomes the sultan. In Altair's story, he must infiltrate the Creed and get rid of an old friend who betrayed him and made others think he was dangerous. After doing so you will get the Apple, the same used in Brotherhood, and you'll find it in Altair's library, the same place Sofia helps you uncover during the game play. Ezio is quite old in this game, and well, there is a sense of closure having helped him reach the library and having come to the conclusion, the end, of his journey. He was a wonderful character!

What didn't work? There was a new combat scene, in which the Creed headquarters were being attacked and you had to defend it. This was one of the hardest things in the game. It was enjoyable, don't get me wrong, I liked the setup and how I had to control people and try to think ahead. The tactics of it was pretty smart. However, it was super hard... most of my men died and I had to recruit them again, and again, and well that is something I got bored of quickly because I wanted to use my time the best I could, but I was just sending my men back and forth while not really advancing...
What worked? In its format the game is very similar to Brotherhood (click here to read my review!) , as in, you recruit people to the Creed and rebuild the city around you and there are several side quests. The music was great, as always, maybe this one is the best to date. Many other AC games tried to copy this formula but changed up the business side, or the battalion guiding to ships, and so on. Well, not all of them succeeded in it, to be 100% honest with you... this one, however, is a great example of what makes these games so wonderful.

This is gonna go down as one of my favorite games of all time. I highly recommend it!

Until the next item on my list!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's Next On My List? Nine

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

For last review in this season I wanted to leave something that simply made me... go insane. It is still amazing to me the magic a musical can have on a person, the feelings, the poems, the story that can be told a thousand times better through music. And this movie is no exception:

Renouned director Guido Contini is about to start shooting his new movie, however, there is no script. Production begins within 24 hours and Guido lives his life haunted by the women of his past. His mother, his wife, his lover, his muse, his agent, and the actress he cast in the leading role of his movie. He is, however, stuck creatively and cannot seem to work. All these muses in his life and he cannot move ahead.

This movie is spectacular. I have no idea why the imdb rating is so low... the songs are out of this world and the actors... I mean just look at this line-up! The story is original, the story is unique, it has colors and choreography that transports you with it. This is something many times movie musicals completely mess up. Movies are different mediums so you have to come up with scenery that is more than a stage could offer and just as compelling as a live show. To me this show brought just that. If you loved Chicago you will love this movie. If you like any of these actors then you will like this movie. Really, I cannot think of a good reason why anyone wouldn't like it. Unless you are one of those people who doesn't like musicals. Then why the hell are you reading this review? You know what? You should watch the movie too! I recommend it to anyone who has ever struggled artistically or wishes to see the portrayal of Italian-Americans outside of the known stereotypical image Hollywood created for them. 

Watch it? Oh my god yes, how many times do I have to tell you? This movie is brilliant. Good movies win awards but remain undetected. This movie, unfortunately, falls into that category. But maybe with time people will come across it and see the beauty in it that I saw.

That was it for #MusicalMay, I hope you all enjoyed my reviews, you can got back to read them, they are everywhere among my entries!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _

Guido ContiniDaniel Day-Lewis
ClaudiaNicole Kidman
Luisa Contini - Marion Cotillard
Lili - Judi Dench
Mamma Sophia Loren
Stephanie Kate Hudson
Saraghina Fergie

Monday, May 29, 2017

What's Next On My List? Dirty Dancing (2017)

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

I wanted to write this because after having watched it I felt super bad about how people reacted. I believe that the show was very badly advertised and that is one of the reasons it failed. However, having watched it I can't really sit quietly and not add my thoughts. And guess what, it is in this series because Dirty Dancing has been made into a musical and this movie basically adapted the musical, not the movie... see why it was badly advertised?

The summer that changed Baby's life. Her family went to the Kellerman Lodge for the last three weeks of summer to wind off a bit. Baby gets involved with a dancer, Johnny Castle, while her sister befriends an African-American boy, and their parents have to face up to the fact that their lives are not the way it used to be.

Honestly, it wasn't that bad. If you watch the original, it is about a summer romance. It is the dream of every single girl, but in the background there are more stories. This version did not try to remake the movie. It tried to tell those stories. Honestly, at that, it did a wonderful job! There was this comparison between the perfect romance and how a marriage can go wrong, even if it developed the same way many years ago. I love how people criticized the singing... this is the musical you f*cking idiots, why do you think they hired actors who can sing?! First, yes the 'this is feminism' was a bit forced in the beginning. But after that there was a relationship of a mother with her two daughters and a marriage she is trying to save; then an older sister who wasn't made into an idiot (which I loved!), but who sought to be more than she was before, striving to be like her sister. Baby has a relationship with Penny, which was very much needed in the original. Not to mention that I couldn't care less about the women Johnny was having sex with, because they cheated on their husbands, and here Vivian was just someone who felt alone. You feel for her and I loved that these characters from the background were brought into the foreground. The movie reminds you that bad people get what is coming to them, not to mention that there is always something you can do to save what is important.
Is it perfect? No, of course it isn't, but it does not make the original null... people always forget that and attack remakes as if they are meant to rewrite history or something... it's stupid. People are stupid. Try and find normal arguments if you wish to attack something. There was a frame to the story, in which Baby goes to see the musical version of her summer, which was choreographed by Johnny. And you know what? That was indeed stupid. And you know the green screen effects were all effing awful. The main character, Johnny? He looked more like an Elvis Presley impersonator and I don't blame the actor for that, but the make-up department. I liked it, because I took it as a mash-up of the highly successful musical and a summer romance movie that everyone loved. Are there weird moments? Sure. Is calling it an utter shit correct? Far from it!

Watch it? I don't think it will make any difference at this point, but if you do just keep an open mind! This is a different story, and there was instances that are much better. No cheating, for example. I liked that. Some characters could have gotten punched though, I missed that. But these are small details that can be picked on but do not make the remake that bad!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Baby HousemanAbigail Breslin
Lisa HousemanSarah Hyland
Marjorie HousemanDebra Messing
Johnny CastleColt Prattes
Vivian PressmanKatey Sagal
Penny RiveraNicole Scherzinger
Dr. Jake HousemanBruce Greenwood

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What's Next On My List? Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

Here is a movie that teaches you about the dangers of pot smoking through a musical. In other words, the best possible way out there! 

A man arrives in a little town to show a film about the dangers of marijuana in a local school for parents. The story is that of a good boy who was persuaded into smoking and couldn't stop himself anymore. Once in the grasp of the conman who sells him 'the stuff', the boy involves his girlfriend as well and it all ends in death. The man then highlights that he might be a bit exaggerating, however, the dangers of smoking should not be overlooked.

This was a fun tale, in my opinion, as it had a lot of jokes and little nuances. The songs were great and I don't know about you, but I get a shiver in the back of my knees every time I see Alan Cumming. He is a wonderful actor and his comedic timing really brought the movie together. This was the first thing I saw Kristen Bell sing in, however, my favorite actress in this is definitely Ana Gasteyer! The whole movie tries to parody these awful short films that people were always forced to watch to educate them and help them explain the dangers of the world... and the parody works. You wouldn't expect anyone to die in a film about, well, pot. I said it like that because we live in a world where there are drugs far worse than something which is becoming legalized in many parts of the American continent and Europe. That said, this movie is a perfect example of how easily things can get out of hand, and putting it into this context, which highlights the silliness of it, works perfectly. Gotta say, my favorite thing about it were the visions of Jesus some of the characters got when high.
And the lesson here is that people can be controlled so easily with fear. The marijuana can be substituted by anything contemporary, from immigrants to a country that has more money. Anybody can become and enemy if you force enough fear onto someone. That is simply scary and that is something the movie highlights. Unfortunately people never learn this lesson.

Watch it? Well, it escalates quickly, I can tell you that, but without it how can you say that it is truly dangerous? The movie brings the point across, with good actors and great songs. It might not be on your top ten list of movies to watch next, but if you like musicals then it is a must!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mary LaneKristen Bell
Jimmy Harper Christian Campbell
Miss PoppyNeve Campbell
Lecturer / Goat-Man / FDR - Alan Cumming
Mae ColemanAna Gasteyer
Ralph Wiley / Uncle Sam John Kassir
Sally DeBains / Statue of LibertyAmy Spanger
Jesus - Robert Torti
Jack Stone / George Washington - Steven Weber

Monday, May 22, 2017

What's Next On My List? Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

Television has decided to start a series of live events with famous musicals and I am 100% for it. The castings are remarkable, in my opinion, and always have something new. Some musicals, no matter how much I love them, I will never see live and this is the closest I'll ever come to it.

A young engaged couple gets lost in the woods and ends up in a castle owned by a Professor Frank-n-Further. On the night the Professor shows them her creation, Rocky, and from then on the horror ensues as the main characters lose all sense of who they are and were before that night.

Of course I don't have to tell you about this musical, everyone knows it, and there have been hundreds of versions since. The idea of actually casting a transgender actor, however, I think is simply wonderful. I adored every second Laverne Cox was on the screen! It drew me in right from the start. I adore this musical, the songs, the idea behind it, the intertextual jokes and the magic of the overall story.
This musical probably has the largest fan base all over the world. It has been in the theater for the longest time, despite being a fail at the box office at first. Re-enactments of the musical within the theater are, I believe, some of the best ways to pay tribute to something people adore. Now, coming back to this version: it was great. It is different, but then again, what's the point of making it the same as the original? It won't be, so dare to pay homage but move on at the same time. A different angle, a different cast, a more open approach to an idea that was already revolutionary when it came out. As far as I'm concerned, the more versions the better, but people should be introduced to the original before getting to know the newer ones.

Watch it? Sure, it's good fun. Songs you love and actors you should get to know. One crazy night that can change your life, as it changed that of the main characters.

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ 

Dr. Frank-N-Furter - Laverne Cox
Janet WeissVictoria Justice
Brad Majors Ryan McCartan
Columbia Annaleigh Ashford
Riff Raff - Reeve Carney
Eddie Adam Lambert
Rocky Staz Nair
Dr. Scott Ben Vereen
The Usherette - Ivy Levan
The Criminologist, An Expert - Tim Curry

Friday, May 19, 2017

What's Next On My List? Repo! The Genetic Opera

Welcome to #MusicalMay! If you have followed my blog before, then you know that I am big musical fan. I just think that singing makes everything better, I really do. It is a sort of medicine to the soul. When two years ago I wrote about my favorites from Halloween to Christmas I still had many left on my list and I will cover a few of them this month! Enjoy the music.

What I adore about musicals is that they can be of any genre, from comedy to horror, really any story can be told through music. I, for one, don't like horror and yet the musical format not only made me enjoy but also care for the following musical:

In the future an epidemic brings about a company, GeneCo, that provides organs for anyone who needs them, however, if they can't pay or they breach their contracts, then they send the Repo man after them and he gets back what is rightfully GeneCo's. Our main character is Shilo Wallace, who is sick as well, and her father keeps her closed in their home, but she sneaks out to see the world and that is how she discovers much of the horror that surrounds them. This monopolistic system is, however, close to being changed because if GeneCo is no more, then the possibilities are endless.

This is a strange world, but it grabs you. First of all, the story is told as if it was a comic book, with transitions that turn into drawings. This already got me hooked, because much more than brining comics into life, I love it when we are made to believe we are reading one. Second, there is a narrator to the story, a Graverobber, who finds the main character in a cemetery and introduces her to the harsh reality that is their world. This apocalyptic vision of a dark world that is dying and people being obsessed with their looks and plastic surgery is surprisingly believable. The world is no longer in control of the government, but of one company that has money.
The narrator gets a material, zydrate, from old graves which help with the pain if you get a surgery, and some use it to get high - like the daughter of the owner of GeneCo. And the man, the Repo, who gets back the organs if you don't pay in time is the father of our main character. His job - to kill to get back the organs - is justified by the fact that there is not much else to do in a world where organ markets rule and everyone wants to get high enough to not see the chaos and dismay that surrounds them. Of course, there are a few twists and turns to the story that I am intentionally not revealing because I believe you should see it. If you plan a horror movie night, or if you like musicals, or just apocalyptic dystopias then you will surely enjoy it! Grotesque and eerie and chilling in a good way.

Watch it? Well, yes. Here is the problem with musical movies that are made solely for the small screen: they go unnoticed. If something is a hit on Broadway then it is likely to be a hit as a movie as well because the people have heard or known of it for years. Although most actors in this are famous, the movie was somewhat unnoticed. I'm sure it has its own fan base, and that's awesome, but it could be bigger!

Until the next item on my list!
_ _ _ _ _ _

Shilo WallaceAlexa PenaVega
Rotti LargoPaul Sorvino
Nathan / Repo ManAnthony Head
Blind MagSarah Brightman
Amber SweetParis Hilton
GraverobberTerrance Zdunich